Stress management is an essential part of life in this fast paced world we live in. Many people live with an ongoing sense of anxiety which impacts not only their health but also their relationships. Relaxation techniques are some of the most effective tools for managing stress, impacting our minds as well as our bodies. Three often used relaxation techniques are breathing exercises, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation. Not every technique will work for every person but give each a try each day for a week before you decide that it does not work for you. The simplest and most effective is the breathing exercises. Do them three to five times a day for a couple of weeks. Some people experience a rapid heart beat when they begin the breathing exercises. If that happens to you, just hang in there until your body adjusts. It will take time until you begin to notice a change. But once you feel calmer and more in control, you do not have to do the exercises as often. However, relaxation exercises work best when you regularly use them for a few minutes each day. After getting comfortable with the breathing exercises, try the other two. Those do not need to be done several times a day but can be done once per day. Try using them with a time of meditation in the morning or evening. Many people think that they do not have time to do this, but you will find yourself more at peace and consequently more productive.